Shipping & Export from U.S.

Heavy machines shipping

We offer you one of the following methods for the delivery of special machinery:

  • In containers, provided the dimensions of machinery will allow for its safe loading on the container. Often, certain components are dismantled to make the cargo easier for container shipping. Dismantled components are safely packed and loaded into a container along with the rest of the consignment. Container forwarding, if the vehicle dimensions would allow, is by far the cheapest method of shipping.
  • RO-RO (roll-on, roll-off), if the vehicle is can ride, or can be brought on board a ship on a special trailer and it does not require a special transportation frame.
  • LO-LO (lift-on, lift-off), if the vehicle exceeds the size permitted for RO-RO shipment, has no special trailer and crane is required for its loading and unloading. This method of shipment will be more expensive because cranes will constitute substantial costs for loading and unloading services.